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In all our municipalities, we are adapting the throw-in openings of the underground collection containers for residual waste and pmd (plastic packaging, metal packaging and drink cartons). The container openings will go from 80 litres to 60 litres. We will also place new containers for VGF (vegetable, fruit and garden waste and food waste) at flats and apartment complexes.

When will the containers be adjusted and installed?

[Update | December 22, 2022]
In Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Molenlanden, Zederik and Leerdam, the containers have been adapted and placed. In Gorinchem, we are still working on this in some locations.

Adapt underground containers for residual waste and pmd

What do you notice about this?

The throw-in opening of the underground collection containers for residual waste and PMD will go from 80 litres to 60 litres. The opening will therefore be slightly smaller. You can still put a 60-litre rubbish bag in the container. You may have to press it a little more or put it in a different way. Nothing else will change.
However, the underground containers may be temporarily less accessible during the works; we ask for your understanding.

Why are we adjusting container openings?

There are several reasons why we modify the container openings:

  • Most people use 60-litre bin liners. The size of the custom opening is the same as that. So these rubbish bags will still fit.
  • With a smaller opening, bulky waste cannot be put into underground containers as easily. Underground collection containers are meant for fine household waste (rubbish bags). Bulky waste, such as laminate or a broken garden chair, does not belong in underground containers. The smaller opening makes it less easy to put this in. This also prevents malfunctions. Because bulky waste regularly gets stuck in the container, so the lid no longer opens. As a result, local residents can no longer dispose of their waste.
    Bulky waste can be collected or bring to our environmental centres.

New GFT collection containers

At flats and apartment complexes, we place GFT collection containers. These containers remain closed. So you cannot start using them immediately. Before the summer of 2023, you will receive an environmental pass that gives you access to the containers. Until then, the biodegradable waste containers will remain closed. You will therefore continue to dispose of your GFT in the usual way.

Introduction of new waste and resources policy

The installation and modification of the collection containers is part of the introduction of the new waste and resources policy.

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