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At the end of March, contractor Klijn Infra started preparations for the installation of underground containers in the former municipality of Vianen. Residents will start using the underground containers for residual waste after the summer holidays. Currently, most residents still have a container for residual waste. From Tuesday 19 April, the containers will be placed by the contractor at the designated locations.

Trial trenches

At a number of locations where underground containers are planned, the contractor has made so-called test trenches to find out where exactly the sewers, cables and pipes are located. This is because they are often located slightly differently than indicated on maps. By making test trenches, we avoid unexpected problems when the underground containers are actually placed.

Reverse collection

The placement of underground containers in the former municipality of Vianen stems from the new waste and resources policy which was adopted last year. In the municipalities of Gorinchem, Molenlanden and Hardinxveld-Giessendam as well as in the former municipalities of Leerdam and Zederik, we already collect waste in reverse. In short, this means that we no longer collect residual waste at home, but that residents take it to a collection point. underground container.

With the commissioning of the underground containers in the former municipality of Vianen after the summer, reverse waste collection is a reality in the entire Vijfheerenlanden municipality.


Last December, residents were informed by letter about the new way of waste collection. Attached to the letter was an appendix listing locations for the underground containers. Residents thereby had the opportunity to submit views against the proposed locations. Due to corona, we could not organise physical meetings, but residents spoke to us by phone. Views were submitted for several locations, which in some cases led to a change of location. The mayor and aldermen of the Vijfheerenlanden municipality have since determined these new locations. Residents living in the immediate vicinity of these new locations will be informed.  informed.

Waste-free and clean region

Project leader of the introduction of the new waste and resources policy Albert Werner: 'After a period of preparation, we are now getting down to business in the former municipality of Vianen. By installing underground containers for residual waste there too, we will harmonise waste collection for our entire catchment area. Residents may have to get used to it at first. Together with the Municipality of Vijfheerenlanden, we will help them get used to this different way of collecting waste in the coming period. We will do this by broadly informing them and providing information. In this way, we will work together towards a waste-free and clean region.