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Almost as traditional as the celebration of the holiday season, the annual Christmas tree collection has now become. Christmas trees were handed in at a collection point in the neighbourhood, the environmental street, the Ecopark or at the Kringloopplein Nieuw-Lekkerland. Residents drove to and fro in recent weeks to bring Christmas trees. They received 50 cents for each Christmas tree this year.

Many children saved a nice penny this way. The contrast between the 'one-pitters' and 'big-growers' was great. Children brought the trees on foot, by bike or go-kart to the collection points. Some had collected so many trees that they were brought by car and trailer. 

Record number of Christmas trees

The results were impressive. In total, no fewer than 7177 Christmas trees were handed in. A growth of 11.2% compared to last year. Back then, 6,456 Christmas trees were handed in for a lottery ticket. The immediate reward appeals especially to the youngest residents of the Waardlanden area.


Some of the Christmas trees handed in are shredded and recycled into biomass or green compost. The trees collected from the Vijfheerenlanden municipality go to a livestock farmer who uses the chippings as bedding. A great example of closing the cycle in our own region. Moreover, there are fewer trees littering the streets and together we keep the environment clean.