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Starting this week, our supplier DVL Milieu will flush and sticker residual waste containers at low-rise houses in the former municipality of Vianen. Like all other residents in the municipalities we work for, you will start using this container for plastic packaging, metal packaging and drink cartons (pmd). The special pmd bags will disappear.

We are adapting the residual waste containers in two parts. We have already sent a letter to part of the residents. The other part we will send a letter this week. This will tell you when we will visit you. And we explain what you have to do to have your residual waste container adapted to pmd.

Do you have questions about flushing and labelling your container for residual waste to pmd? Then call our service desk on working days between 08.30 and 17.00: 085 - 020 23 38. We will be happy to help you. 

Why a new way of pmd collection

Separating pmd at home with containers is very successful at low-rise buildings and in the outlying areas in our region. Separation at home produces the best quality raw materials. It is also the cheapest way to separate waste. That is why we will collect pmd in the former municipality of Vianen in the same way. The special pmd bags for pmd will disappear and the aboveground pmd containers in neighbourhoods and at shopping centres will be removed. You bring your residual waste to the new collection container in your neighbourhood.

Where can I find the collection containers for residual waste?

Collection containers for residual waste have been placed in the former municipality of Vianen. So there is always a collection container within walking distance. 
> Consult the overview with the new collection containers per village/neighbourhood

When can I have my pmd container emptied?

You can have your pmd container emptied every other week. Consult your personal waste calendar for the exact collection days on the website or In the Waardlanden app.


We can imagine that, like many other residents, you have questions about the changes, the new waste and raw materials policy, waste separation and waste charges. This is understandable. That is why we post answers to frequently asked questions on our website. 
> Find answers to frequently asked questions 

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