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Do you enjoy tinkering with old or discarded bikes? Then join our bike project and give bikes a second life! Last year, we started a bicycle project; we refurbish old and discarded bicycles that would otherwise end up in the scrap metal. From bike wrecks that cannot be salvaged, we collect usable parts that are useful for repairs. 

When the bikes are usable again afterwards, they end up with people on a tight budget who cannot afford a new bike. If you also enjoy tinkering with bicycles, our bicycle project is just the thing for you. Apply to Gitta Spruit of Waardlanden. Send an e-mail to

Refurbishment is currently done by volunteers and people with a distance to the labour market at our partners' workshops De Gezel (recycling centre Gorinchem), de Behouden Vaart, Bewoners Organisatie Monnikenhof and Kringloopwinkel Vijfheerenlanden. You can also register with one of them if necessary. In consultation, we will then see where and when we can make use of your efforts.

You can help out at one of these locations or in you can repair bikes in your own shed or workshop. To be clear, you will do this on a voluntary basis. Because you like to do something for someone else and because you understand the importance of recycling and sustainability. So don't wait any longer and join in to give bikes a second life. You will be doing yourself and others a great favour!