Are you already among the large group of people who separate their waste well. In that case, thank you for that! And we can take another great step: towards less waste. There are many good and fun ways, which often also save you money. For example, buying and cooking food smarter, so you use everything. Repairing things is fortunately becoming more normal again. And buying and selling used items is a trend.

You too can save waste

Milieucentraal's Waste Reducer gives you an insight into how to save waste. Complete the questions and indicate what you already know and do about reducing waste. At the end of the test, you will receive personalised tips on how to reduce waste and save money.

You can complete the questions completely anonymously within a few minutes. Between the answer options of the multiple-choice questions, there are all kinds of useful initiatives. So the test immediately gives you good ideas for reducing your own waste. At the end of the test, you will get even more useful tips.

> Launch the Waste Miner for your tailored advice

Milieucoaches Ingrid en NellekeQuestions and tips

We hope you discover many new, fun and valuable ideas. Do you have any questions or a tip of your own to share? Mail our environmental coaches Ingrid and Nelleke, they will be happy to help you.



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