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The survey was conducted from 15 April to 5 May. Through our website and Facebook page, residents were invited to participate in the survey. In addition, the survey was offered to the resident panels of the municipalities.

Understanding wants, needs and opinions on waste/resource collection

The questions included the main reasons for separating gft+e, paper, glass, pmd and other raw material streams, and what are reasons for not doing so. People were also asked what they need in order to separate waste/raw materials properly. Furthermore, the level of satisfaction with waste collection, waste recycling centres, having bulky household waste collected, among others, was probed. Survey participants could also indicate wishes and needs regarding the provision of information. Finally, residents were asked for ideas on how to separate more and better waste and raw materials in the future.

Sharing results around summer

The survey is part of preparations in our region for the development of new policies aimed at more and better separation of reusable waste (raw materials) and reducing the amount of residual waste. The results are helpful in gaining insight into residents' wishes, motives and perceptions of waste and raw materials collection. The completed questionnaires and outcomes are currently being processed. When this is ready and the survey results are known, we will share them with you. We expect this to be before or shortly after the summer.

We thank everyone who filled in the questionnaire, as well as residents who emailed us with suggestions and ideas, for their involvement and contribution.