In the coming period, there will be changes around waste collection in the municipalities of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Molenlanden and Vijfheerenlanden. Together with the municipalities, we want to encourage and help all residents with less residual waste and (even) better separation.

What will change for you: choose your municipality

What might change for you depends on where you live in your municipality. Choose your municipality here and find out what will change for you. 

Gorinchem Hardinxveld-Giessendam Molenlanden Vijfheerenlanden

Collection containers at flats and flats

Verzamelcontainer voor gft bij hoogbouwNew GFT collection containers

Residents of flats, upper dwellings and flats can also separate their vegetable, fruit and garden waste and food waste after the introduction of the environmental card. For this purpose, we have placed GFT collection containers near flats and flats. These containers are closed. In 2023, you will receive an environmental pass with which you can open the VGF container. You will not pay for this.
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Pmd samen met restafval in de verzamelcontainer voor restafvalResidual waste and PMD together

Residents of apartments, upstairs dwellings, flats and low-rise houses without space for four types of containers may dispose of residual waste and PMD together in the collection container for residual waste after the introduction of the environmental card. This waste will be collected separately and later sorted with special machines. The collection containers for pmd will disappear.

Why divorce afterwards?

In high-rise buildings, there is often no or less space to keep waste properly separated. Waste analyses have also shown that the quality of PMD in collection containers is insufficient. In that case, separating afterwards is better than not separating. The waste that you throw in the collection container for residual waste at your high-rise building is collected separately and taken to our waste processor's post-separation plant.

In 2023, you will receive an environmental pass. After that, we will close the collection containers for residual waste. You can then open the collection container for residual waste with the environmental pass. From 1 January 2024, you will pay a recycling fee each time you throw a rubbish bag in the residual waste collection container.
The recycling tariff will not apply to residents of Vijfheerenlanden. This municipality will decide on the recycling tariff after an evaluation on the effects of the other measures.

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