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Did you know that in the Netherlands, we never eat a quarter of all our food? All that food is grown, processed, transported, cooled and warmed. We put a lot of energy into it. It is a shame if we waste energy and raw materials by throwing away food unnecessarily. You too can help prevent food waste!

Verspillingsvrije week 2022Waste-free week from 12 to 18 September

This week is Waste-Free Week. You will get tips and inspiration. Will you also participate?

  1. 💡 Don't forget your leftovers
    Label a shelf in your fridge and put all leftovers, opened packages and products that need to be used up quickly there. That way, you won't forget about them.
  2. 💡 Look, smell and taste
    Do you still have leftover milk or another product that is already past its 'Best before' date? Look, smell and taste after the date to see if it is still tasty. Highly perishable products have a 'Use By' date; this is the last day it is still safe to eat the product. Use or freeze it before or on the date.
  3. 💡 Store or freeze
    If you have leftovers from your meal, keep them in the fridge. You can keep most leftovers for 2 days. You can also freeze leftovers. For example, if you know you won't eat them in the next few days. In the freezer, most leftovers will keep for 3 months.
  4. 💡 Make some goodies with your leftovers
    Get inspired by, for example, the recipe booklet with tasty waste-free dishes from Too Good To Go. Download the free e-book with recipes
  5. 💡 Save your old sandwiches
    Do you know that the average Dutch person can save 4 sandwiches a week? This makes bread the most wasted product while it is simple to avoid waste. Freeze your bread. Toast it when it is old or make it into a tasty sandwich or French toast.
  6. 💡 Buy and cook to order
    If you don't have leftovers, you don't need to finish them either. Check your stock before you go to the shop. This way, you avoid duplicating products. And if you measure exactly how much rice or pasta you need, you will avoid having leftover food. A kitchen scale, measuring jug or measuring cup will help you do this!
  7. 💡 Put the right waste in the GFT container
    You can avoid food waste by buying, cooking and storing smartly. Bones, bones and peelings can go in the bins. Do you actually know what else goes in the bins? Find out what does and does not belong with the GFT

Any questions? Mail our environmental coach Nelleke, she will be happy to help you.